Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What is going on?

So I am a busy girl, or am going to be a busy girl.

Here is the list....

1. Nashville Public Library- build a rainbow, a big rainbow.  A fundraising project for....drum roll please, International Puppet Festival.  The rainbow will live in the lobby of the downtown Library and be decorated by the public, donate to the Public Library Foundation, then pick out your favorite color and/or favorite character from Story Time at the Library.  I love working with Wishing Chair Production, that is all the fancy dancey people that perform the marionettes at the Library.  We are soooo lucky to have that program here in Nashville at our Library so come support it.  I will let you know dates and times that we will be working live on the rainbow.  Mark you calendars for the Puppet Festival June 21st, 22nd and 23rd!

2. World Refugee Day with The Frist Center for the Visual Arts and Oasis Center.  What is it about you say....TRASH.  Yep, trash and community and most importantly Art.  The Artist Vik Muniz is coming to the Frist in June and we are going to emulate his work Garbage Matters but with our own twist.  We will pick up trash from our own streets, learn about recycling, talk about what it is to be a refugee and how to combine all that into a masterpieces of art.  Can't wait to share more as it evolves.  I can't wait to work with kids at the Oasis Center.

So those are my big projects for the summer, hoping to make lots of art also!

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