Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Work: On Etsy

This piece was used on the set of Nashville ABC TV Season I in the Lipstick Lounge scene.  It was super big.  Going to offer it in a super big print on Esty.  I call it fight.  It is turmoil of two forces.  The monster on the left who looks very bunny-isk has a tale that is now another piece, I separated it because it was way to long.

Fun floral from my oil pastel days. Think this would make a great print also.  Original is maybe a 6"x8".  I have mixed emotions about printing my work.  I am only printing to order and feel like that is not creating excess waste.  I like being able to offer my work in large format and love the way they translate. 

Sequins!  This unicorn is printed in black, then smeared with red to make him seem more tough than he really is.  I think it might be a potato print but it has been a minute.  You can find this for sale here.

Support a REuse Artist, Thanks!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Collaborative Book 2 with Angelique Price

This is book two of Angelique Price and mine series of collaborative books.  Still working on it, so check out our work in progress.  Angel did the beautiful watercolor of the owl, I added the pop up of the black mouse.

This page with the black boxes needs the most work.  Been trying to decide the next move, hmmmm.

The black faces open up, will be exciting to see what evolves under them.

And the back cover.

We have more to do, layering and building a story in the books.  We pass the books back and forth a few weeks between each other.  Anything goes, just having fun.  A nice break between work, commissions and life.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Collaborative Book with Angelique Price

Artist Angelique Price and I are working on two collaborative books together.  I built the books and we are both taking turns painting and drawing in them (with an occasional pop up).  

They are identical in build, approximately 12"x 13.5" All REuse of course.  Canvas covers with two folds of watercolor paper mounted on either side of the cover.  Making a total of three page layouts.

 This is one of the books in progress.  I am documenting them as they evolve.  I didn't do so hot with photographing them in till recently, so we have made a few layers here.

We hope to have them on display at Handmade and Bound in October at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film.  I will share as the process goes on.  I think we are both enjoying the fun of collaborating with another artist.

I was at Watkins today for a incoming freshman resource fair.  One of my favorite people Liz Coleman from the Downtown Library was right beside me with a Robert Motherwell collaborative with Octavio Paz, a poet.  We talked about how artist and poets don't work together as often.  I want to do something similar.  Mmmmmm.  More collaborations for sure.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Just updated my website, and it is shaping up pretty good.

It still need some improvement on pictures and such, simplifying.  Hopefully the workshop I am taking this weekend will help.  Ekk Blogshop!  Sort of excited.  I am new at blogging for sure and photoshop none existent.   I plan on learning a lot.  So wish me luck and I will share when I get done.

Some of THE Smush Series pieces for your viewing pleasure.  

I am going to be offering them on Etsy in a 36x48" print all this coming week, would look great behind your couch!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art Supplies

One of my favorite art supplies is Letraset transfers.  As you can see.  
I make stickers, labels and decorate images with all different kinds of fonts and designs.

You line up the font and burnish the letter off right were you want it.  All you need is a bone folder or something similar.  It does not always work and sometimes the letters crumble and chip away, especially since I work with old Letraset.

I have been making tags like crazy.

Below is a small accordion art book that i made called, I am a mountain.  It has a bunch of dry transfer in it.  My favorite pastry chef and biggest art collector owns it now.

 This is a book I am working on called Crazy Dreams, hehe see the font.   I am trying to decide if I need to add the crazy dreams or you get to add them yourself.  I like the idea that someone takes my creation and adds to it, it evolves. But then again I want it to be a very special one of a kind piece of art.

I bet I could figure out both.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Call for Book Artist

Paper, Thread and Trash (temporary title)
A Collections of Art Books Made From Recycled Materials.
Downtown Nashville Public Library
Art Gallery

Tentatively scheduled for Sept. 2014

A Call for Tennessee Artist interested in creating 3 to 5 books completely out of reuse.  The term books to be interpret loosely as an object with pages and cover.   

By working in reuse artist are able to help stop usable material from going to the landfill, turn it into functional or decorative art all while helping make aware are habits of consumerism and waste.

There is a lot of waste material available for reuse, especially paper and board but other fun nontraditional materials can be sourced and found.  Artist using their imagination can create endless possibilities.

Through talking about reuse and this exhibit Artist can encourage people to conserve natural resources and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment. 

Please summit 3 to 5 images of work to be considered for exhibit, doesn’t have to be reuse in the beginning review process.
Please contact Courtney Johnson at for more information.

Tomato Art Fest

I have some fun veggie and fruit inspired books at East Side Story just in time for the Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville which is this Saturday, August 10th 2013.  You can find all local authors and books at East Side Story.  Its pretty cool.

My veggie and fruit inspired books are handmade with white canvas covers and a fruit or vegetable painted on the front.  Blueberry, brussels sprout, tomato (of course) and banana are painted in watercolor and acrylic and adorned with black letraset dots.  The blank books have 36 pages of 50 lb. paper ready for you thoughts or notes.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monthly Theme

The Monthly Theme for Facebook is turning stuff into something its not.  

Exactly what REmake is all about.

Some examples used so far in August and follow on Facebook to see how the monthly theme plays out.

Artist Kathy Klein creates beautiful mandalas out of flowers and found material.  

Artist Nick Sayers makes all kinds of geodesic domes out of recycled found material.

Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet takes toilet paper rolls and turns them into faces.

Monday, August 5, 2013


I think I want to work on curating small groupings of work, collected over time, new and old.  I am on the look out for places or areas to exhibit these small collections.  I am also nearing completing on The SMUSH Series and have a credit card series that is evolving in to 40+ pieces.  Small abstract paintings on abandoned credit cards and other plastic cards. 

For right now the internet aka my blog will be displaying my first collection of Groupings.  And they will get better with time, I promise.  I guess that was the first one but its sort of silly but it will work.  

First pieces is from The SMUSH Series, an abstract on 5x7 inch illustration board.  The board is on its third life; cut off from a custom job, then used in a game of picture telephone and now an abstract piece of art.

Second piece is a Rabbit Crucifix Rainbow in oil pastels, marker and acrylic on Ampersand sample panel, yep I do test out samples.  Ampersand is a great company, they make all their museum panels with sustainable wood.  It is then velcroed into a little green silk mat (cut off from a frame job) into a lovely thrift store frame.  

Hehhehe this is the Worm from the 1932 movie Freaks.  Its an older work, canvas panel approx. 10x14 inches with acrylic, marker and what ever else I had at the time.

Last but not least my new favorite work.  Red glitter paint and green dye on foam board approx. 8x8 inches.