Monday, September 30, 2013


What a busy week. 

Started unlimited Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga in East Nashville.  I am in love.  I ready one girls tweet, Hot Yoga... where have you been all my life? I'm so sweaty - and I like it. And I smiled because I feel the same way. My health is the most important thing, so I have been concentrating on that.  Yeah Health!

Went to Chattanooga to see my new friend Jaime. She has an awesome blog, She Wore It Anyway and photography business, Our Ampersand Photography. Super smart, sweet, fun lady.

She taught a photography class at Homespun.  Such a cute place.  I really want to spend more time in Chattanooga. It looks like it would be fun to explore, we even had great art in Nashville recently from some studio artists at Ground Floor Gallery in Chestnut.  The show was called E(labor)ated Surfaces.

I volunteered at TACA this weekend. 

 Got to see the puppet truck perform Aninsi the Spider.  Made a cute little photo montage of Bret and Morgan.

 Its Monday and time to get to work, Ha!  I am always at work. Getting ready for Handmade and Bound this weekend at Watkins.  If you go to their website you will see a tiny tiny little picture of Angelique and my collaborative book that will be in the show on Friday, October the 4th 5pm to 7pm.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Nashville Mini Maker Faire

Wow, this was fun.  I didn't get to walk around and explore but you could tell a lot of fun stuff was going on.  I was building The Trash Menagerie with everyones help at the Maker Faire, and can't wait to share it with you.  Lots of picture editing to do and figuring out my composition.   But soon I will unveil The Trash Menagerie and everyones effort to make creatures out of trash.

You can see we were having a blast, to bad this little creature is hard to see because he is really cute.

Of course I was beside these guys, they made friends with everyone and even chased some kids down, in a friendly way.

One of my favorites!  So cute, the head is a piece of plastic from a valentines day candy box, the body is a giant rubber band that had broken and was no longer useful as it's original intent.  

Thank you everyone for your help and interesting in REuse!  

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I had been debating in an earlier post about the Crazy Dream Book to add or leave blank.  Solution was decided; Enter, then numbed 1 to 17 with picture windows in alternative pages plus white and black fonts/boxes.

I sort of really like feet shots.   I know they are cheesy but oh so cute.  Here you can see artwork on the table and in the shot below.  A little of Esther in the left hand corner to balance out everything with fuzz, I mean fur.

A silly little logo I made for REmake Art out of a flower hair bow.  Which you can buy here if you really like it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Library Day

I have work at the Madison Branch Nashville Public Library for the month of September!  

I finished my tunnel book for the display.  It is a story of the face, brain and mind.  My first tunnel book taught in a Library class by Elizabeth Sanford.  The Library is so great.  Hope you visit yours often.

I have been making mini glue books.  I take strips of discarded paper fold them and glue the spine.  I color the glue on the spine, hot pink and grass green colors of choice right now.  I really enjoy them, super easy and fun.  Decorate cover as needed. 

Dye books; some with collage and sewing others with silhouette pop ups.

I thought these guys turned out super cute.  Two little mini books with a custom made reuse box.  Dyed and striped for your viewing pleasure, you can't see but there is mint green paper inside.

Visit the Madison Branch Library for more mini books and Art.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


1. Look Book, photoshop
2. Change, painting on paper
3. Girl, painting on board
4. Horn, painting, print and sequins on paper
5. Money, painting on board

Monday, September 2, 2013

Workin It

So workin it you say.  Hehehe its a funny title and I do try and work it at times.  Right now I have been trying to flex my design and photoshop skills.  Which I admit are far and few.  But as they say practice makes better.   

I made this for an upcoming event....Nashville's first Maker Faire!!   Its a mini maker but a Maker nonetheless.  It is Saturday, September the 21st from 10am to 5pm at Adventure Science Center.
Which of course you can read in my handy little flyer or sorts.

I am going to be building The Trash Menagerie with your help (and all the trash in your pockets!)  The Trash Menagerie is a collection of make believe animals made entirely out of trash.  I will help guide you on construction of bits and piece found in your pockets and purses into whimsical creatures.  The twisting and folding of receipts, legs, arms, horns will appear.  Every animal will be unique and tell a story of our consumption and journey.  A small stage will be set and every animal will be documented in The Trash Menagerie.  

Hope you can make it.  Come One! Come All!

Here are some other examples of design things I have been working on.

Examples of my work, cards and books.  I need to get it out there more.  Looking at approaching shops and wholesale.  So sort of like product shots that can explain and entice.  Okay might need to work on enticing some more.  

But I will get better with time and practice.  I can already see areas to improve upon.   The wheels are turning and I am eating this mountain with a spoon!  (that's how you accomplish stuff, eating a mountain with a spoon)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Logo Testing

I just took my header and added a little information, mmmmm.  Is the the type too small?  Does it explain what REmake is about?  That slogan 'Recycling Education Makes Art' was my original direction for REmake and always my mission.  Remake Art now is more about my work that is made  of reuse and repurposed material.

This one is more refined in colors, has my name and a description of what is made and reuse.  Gets a little lost on the page, maybe too light.

I am new to this whole graphic design stuff but my jewelry teacher (most influential teacher) would say make a bunch then decide.  And I am learning and getting better with each one.  Okay I will make a few more.