Sunday, October 20, 2013

Three New Books

1.  Chopped up dog, pamphlet dye books
2.  Paint Book, abstract watercolor cover
3.  The Wheel, canvas tabs with cut outs and collage

All the books are made from reuse and found materials.  I look in trash cans and love dirty paper.  Don't worry not too dirty.  I collect paper, then tear down to size, dye or munipulate in book form.  Blank pages to be filled, some to be turned, viewed.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Workin It

I found some old prints.  I added a few layers to them to bring them up to date.  The florals turned out nice, muted colors on the yellow background.

These are old.  A self portrait in linoleum, printed badly I dare say but fun none the less.  

Another floral.  I did a run of small florals for different card series in the past.   

Trying to make cards lately and feeling stumped.  Christmas cards especially stuck, ugg.  Have a Christmas card class coming up on November 23rd 12 to 3.  
I will get over my card making hump way before the class, so join us.  
Email me today, registration is $40.00.  
We will make all the cards you need for the upcoming season.

Holiday sales will be coming up.  First on is on November 2nd at East Magnet Holiday Market.  I think this will be really fun, Janet Lee is putting it on.  Visit us 9am to 5pm.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Supplies

Glue Books 
Sort of really love glue book even thou glue is one of those things I buy.  I should really test some recipes and see if anything sticks (oh my goodness another art joke).  I use PVA glue and have a gallon.  Buy large if you have to, large containers will keep less plastic out in the atmosphere. 

Yes Atmosphere, ugh! 

Okay back to the book.  Paper cut off from a print job.  Always ask printers if they have extra paper.  Folded into individual signatures, stacked for a even edge and clip.  I use two credit cards with two binder clips.  

I collect credit cards or gift cards, store cards.  I just feel bad more plastic going in the trash. 

Dye your glue if you want some fun colors.  Add a little paint or powdered pigment to the glue, mix and apply to spine.

Let dry, then decorate cover as needed.  I borrowed a few older pieces from my collage box.  Everyone should have a collage box.  Throw all your old cards in a box. Magazines pages that are interesting, artwork that doesn't work, basically a box of uncompleted thoughts, the collage box. 

Write or draw inside for fun effect.

You can purchase the polka doted one here and the cactus here.  

Saturday, October 5, 2013




1. Meadow, The Dirt of our Landscape Series
2. Blah Blah, older work on paper
3. Drag,  acrylic and pastels on canvas
4. Mound, ink, pastels, and chalk on paper *
5. Poop, pastel and pen on paper *
6. Sea, The Dirt of our Landscape Series

* Used on the set of ABC Nashville season 1

Friday, October 4, 2013

Handmade and Bound

I sort of love the name, feels like a voyage, a pirate trip.  It is not, it is a book festival of sorts.  I am excited.   

 I am never as prepared as I want to be.  Plus I over booked my self and have to leave for a few hours. (haha book pun)

 But excited because I love books, art and most importantly REuse.  Here are some books for your viewing pleasure. 

Makes me release how unprepared I am.  I want pictures of all the books leaving the house, what if they don't return. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Piñata Class

Class coming up Sunday October the 6th at Plaza Artist Material... Make a Ghost or Ghoul Piñata or Monster!  Check out my guy, I think he is pretty cute. If interested in signing up.  Contact me at  Here is a fancy link with more info.  Its Artober!

I was driving around yesterday and saw some abandoned businesses.  I decided to explore. 

 I even saw abandoned Piñatas but it was to dangerous to grab em for examples.

Teal was a good theme here.  Did you see the red star it reminds me of Jam.

I did pick the sunflower.  It might get demoed and I thought I could give it a good home.

Ps. It did not like any of my vases and knocked over most of the water, still pretty maybe dry.