Saturday, November 9, 2013

Plastic, Ewww.

So I have been a little plastic obsessed lately, not in a good way, like anti-plastic, like eww I don't want to touch it.  I get this way almost annually at work, all the plastic bags and all the waste.  Plastic bags and styrofoam are not easily recycled and let off fumes.   Maybe getting close to christmas does it to me, all that consumption, I start worrying.  Please help and pass on to lesson our plastic load.

Goals this week for me…1. Purchase Reusable to-go containers and use.  2. Not buy any plastic at the grocery store this week, WOW this will be hard.  All the things I can't buy running through my head; no chocolate almonds, no cheese, no lots of STUFF.  This week only, give it a try and I am defiantly reading up on My Plastic Free Life Guide get me through this change.  Visit the bulk bins at my local health food store and watch what I consume.

What can you try?

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