Monday, December 9, 2013

Anti-Holiday Guide

Oh My! a lot of holiday guides out there.  Here is one not centered on buying but Reuse.  Not as much a guide as ideas.

We are decorating right.  First we need a tree.

Lots of things around the house to make a tree right?  Books, wine corks, cardboard, a little imagination and the help of the internet
Find the instructions of how to make the box tree at top here.  Or the lighted cardboard here.  Found this beautiful blog with the plywood tree, you could easily make out of cardboard and paint fun colors.  Never buy cardboard new, you can always find it used and in perfect condition with a little research.

Maybe we need an advent calendar

Both of these would be easy and fun to make.   I like the rustic look of the one with sticks and bags.  Replace the bags with things found around the house, scrapes of fun fabric or paper bundles.  And you can't forget the toilet paper at holiday time.  The toilet paper advent calendar comes from Morning Creativity, all kinds of ideas and tutorials.

You could gift an advent calendar or wreath to help get those you love get in the holiday spirt. Making it all from reuse will also show them how much you care about the world around them and the air they breath.  Wreath ideas include plastic bags and toilet paper rolls ( hope you have been saving up).

Yep make em a wreath or ornaments or menorah!  All out of reuse, find these things around the house.

The cute igloo comes from Rust and Sunshine, this was day 7 of 12 days of ornaments so more ideas to look through.  The heart house ornament is one of my favorites, I keep meaning to make it from old holiday cards I have been collecting.  Glitter menorah what more can I say!

Stay tuned for more holiday REuse!

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