Sunday, December 22, 2013

Make Wrapping Paper

Ways to help out and Reuse this holiday season.  One way is the wrapping paper.  Yep! make that wrapping paper because it is so much cooler to give with style, oh and fun!

I made mine with very fluid leftover dye, any water based paint will do, or stamps or whatever has color.  Any paper will do, newspaper or tissue paper will work.  Look for packaging material, what do you have laying around or what is available to be used.  Look in recycling containers, source printers ( I got my paper from one, Thanks Twyla! It is the disposable paper in-between printer plates, score! very similar feel to tracing parchment paper).  Begin looking around you for excess in paper.  Once you start looking it comes to you, definite learned that this year.

I had fun with the brush stokes loose and free, playing around with christmas trees, stars and circles.  I stuck to three colors to make it manageable and not to over complicate things.  The colors being sort of a theme in themselves.  

Here are some different examples of way to make wrapping paper from Morning Creativity and a more natural approach here.  One of my favorite homemade papers came from my sisters family years ago.  Little girl hand prints turned into trees.  I still have it and plan on reincorporating it into a gift back.  

Below is me playing around with pattern and design with the wrapping paper. 
Remember to REcycle this holiday season!

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