Monday, February 24, 2014


A positive attitude and the rest will follow.   Mmmm.  Yeah thats what I believe and I am always trying to re-convince myself that when I get in a negative spot. (not that I get in a negative spot often but occasionally)

I have been learning some great new lessons this year and I am growing as a person and artist everyday.  Every project I do, every class I teach, I learn a little more (sometimes a lot) about my practice and especially about reuse.  As an artist it is easy for me to work in reuse, I have it down but as an professional working for others and with others it does become a little more challenging.  I question it more or let it slide some.  I am finding my self continually drawn back to the fact of how important it is to me and finding ways not to compromise that.

One example is a class I recently offered and will offer again in April, Experiment and Explore in Paint.  This was my first ongoing class held on Thursdays from 2-4 for five weeks.  It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for me and the students.  I went over a new painting technique each class.  Manipulating gesso in different ways, playing with new tools, acrylic transfers and skins to name a few.  I did a few demos and some homework was doled out over the five classes.  We used repurposed substrates and acrylic paint, medium, gesso.

I felt a degree of waste and didn't feel like I talked enough about reuse.   Maybe I didn't feel the class would respond to it or am just getting more comfortable in my teaching skin.  I made notes on the materials we used and things that we threw away, wasted.  Not much, some tape and paint.   The paint was most of the waste (subjective I guess).

I personally source my paint from damaged, bad or used paint but don't always feel that is the best to force that on students.  But as I said I am learning and growing from these experiences and want to add more reuse in the curriculum and stick to my guns more.

Please join me for class starting on April 10th every Thursday till May 8th from 2-4 pm. $135.00 for a five week session at Plaza Artist Material.   Email Courtney at to sign up.  We will cover how to develop themes in a body of work while exploring and experimenting with new techniques.  Plus more reuse!

Artwork below for your viewing pleasure…….

Your my polka dot.  I'm your stripe.  We fit together right.  (He He, to my valentine of course)

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