Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Learning my job....

New job, Me, Yep, I am my new job!  I have been finishing up my big June projects this week and am learning how to work for my self.  To be organized, motivated and inspired.

Yesterday I photographed mini books for Etsy.  I am going to do a post a day on my Etsy page to try and drive some sales, action, something.  Working on ways to sale art work and find customers.

Questions is also what do I really want to make or be.  What is my brand?  Making my self professional.  Ha!  but not Ha for real!!  Sometimes I feel behind on that but other times my game

doesn't seem so bad.  

Now on to Project of the Day.  Build a demo for jewelry class coming up next Saturday, June 29th 10 to 3pm.  Then take pictures and post when done.  It is a class on using jacquard paints to add patinas to metal and plastic.  We will construct a necklace or bracelet out of costume jewelry pieces that we custom altered, all REuse except paint.  All supplies provided just bring wire cutters and pliers, Only $65.00, if anyone is interested, email me at

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