Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nice day but I love June nights

Great day today.  I felt like I got a lot done.  Moved through thinks I was putting off, emails and such.  I am super close to being done on a proposal that is shaping up to be fun.  I hope it goes through, definite keep you posted.  Right now all I can say is SoundSuits!

Ah, yes I know in love!  I don't know where they have been all my life.  I am behind in most current anything even art.  I love art beyond all believe but I guess haven't been clued in to you know research or exploration or even say the power of the internet.  Hehe, I know.  Well as you can see in the juvenileness of this blog.  I just started following blogs to better understand and learn.  And boy do I like following them especial when you find a good one that connects for you.  But back to SoundSuit and Kara Walker, yes 30 Americans is coming to the Frist.

Back to the grind at Plaza this week, Jewelry class on Saturday, hope to squeeze in the Frist new car show and make plenty of REuse in the form of books with really beautiful paper, though slightly dirty.  Mom always said a little dirty don't hurt.

This night is truly beautiful, breeze and dog beside me.  Back to proposal.

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