Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love Summer

Okay, I know I professed my love to summer nights but now it is just to summer in general.  Love it, love the sweet smell in the morning and the sticky sun with people all a buzz.  Love it.  Don't get me started on creeks in the summer.  In Nashville we are close to so much wooded and water areas to play.  You have to drive alittle ways but well worth it.  Love summer.

Jewelry class went awesome today.  My first jewelry class and I can't wait to do more.  It is so fun to deconstruct the pieces and make them again with new color and ideas.  I call it reconstructed costume jewelry.  No new material was consumed in this class only used.  I don't have any jewelry classes scheduled in the coming months but plan on adding some.  I do have a great schedule coming up.  I am going to post soon.   Also, looking for new homes to teach from.  If you have any ideas send em my way.

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