Monday, August 5, 2013


I think I want to work on curating small groupings of work, collected over time, new and old.  I am on the look out for places or areas to exhibit these small collections.  I am also nearing completing on The SMUSH Series and have a credit card series that is evolving in to 40+ pieces.  Small abstract paintings on abandoned credit cards and other plastic cards. 

For right now the internet aka my blog will be displaying my first collection of Groupings.  And they will get better with time, I promise.  I guess that was the first one but its sort of silly but it will work.  

First pieces is from The SMUSH Series, an abstract on 5x7 inch illustration board.  The board is on its third life; cut off from a custom job, then used in a game of picture telephone and now an abstract piece of art.

Second piece is a Rabbit Crucifix Rainbow in oil pastels, marker and acrylic on Ampersand sample panel, yep I do test out samples.  Ampersand is a great company, they make all their museum panels with sustainable wood.  It is then velcroed into a little green silk mat (cut off from a frame job) into a lovely thrift store frame.  

Hehhehe this is the Worm from the 1932 movie Freaks.  Its an older work, canvas panel approx. 10x14 inches with acrylic, marker and what ever else I had at the time.

Last but not least my new favorite work.  Red glitter paint and green dye on foam board approx. 8x8 inches. 

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