Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Work: On Etsy

This piece was used on the set of Nashville ABC TV Season I in the Lipstick Lounge scene.  It was super big.  Going to offer it in a super big print on Esty.  I call it fight.  It is turmoil of two forces.  The monster on the left who looks very bunny-isk has a tale that is now another piece, I separated it because it was way to long.

Fun floral from my oil pastel days. Think this would make a great print also.  Original is maybe a 6"x8".  I have mixed emotions about printing my work.  I am only printing to order and feel like that is not creating excess waste.  I like being able to offer my work in large format and love the way they translate. 

Sequins!  This unicorn is printed in black, then smeared with red to make him seem more tough than he really is.  I think it might be a potato print but it has been a minute.  You can find this for sale here.

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