Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Workin It

I found some old prints.  I added a few layers to them to bring them up to date.  The florals turned out nice, muted colors on the yellow background.

These are old.  A self portrait in linoleum, printed badly I dare say but fun none the less.  

Another floral.  I did a run of small florals for different card series in the past.   

Trying to make cards lately and feeling stumped.  Christmas cards especially stuck, ugg.  Have a Christmas card class coming up on November 23rd 12 to 3.  
I will get over my card making hump way before the class, so join us.  
Email me today, registration is $40.00.  
We will make all the cards you need for the upcoming season.

Holiday sales will be coming up.  First on is on November 2nd at East Magnet Holiday Market.  I think this will be really fun, Janet Lee is putting it on.  Visit us 9am to 5pm.  

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