Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Supplies

Glue Books 
Sort of really love glue book even thou glue is one of those things I buy.  I should really test some recipes and see if anything sticks (oh my goodness another art joke).  I use PVA glue and have a gallon.  Buy large if you have to, large containers will keep less plastic out in the atmosphere. 

Yes Atmosphere, ugh! 

Okay back to the book.  Paper cut off from a print job.  Always ask printers if they have extra paper.  Folded into individual signatures, stacked for a even edge and clip.  I use two credit cards with two binder clips.  

I collect credit cards or gift cards, store cards.  I just feel bad more plastic going in the trash. 

Dye your glue if you want some fun colors.  Add a little paint or powdered pigment to the glue, mix and apply to spine.

Let dry, then decorate cover as needed.  I borrowed a few older pieces from my collage box.  Everyone should have a collage box.  Throw all your old cards in a box. Magazines pages that are interesting, artwork that doesn't work, basically a box of uncompleted thoughts, the collage box. 

Write or draw inside for fun effect.

You can purchase the polka doted one here and the cactus here.  

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