Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Piñata Class

Class coming up Sunday October the 6th at Plaza Artist Material... Make a Ghost or Ghoul Piñata or Monster!  Check out my guy, I think he is pretty cute. If interested in signing up.  Contact me at  Here is a fancy link with more info.  Its Artober!

I was driving around yesterday and saw some abandoned businesses.  I decided to explore. 

 I even saw abandoned Piñatas but it was to dangerous to grab em for examples.

Teal was a good theme here.  Did you see the red star it reminds me of Jam.

I did pick the sunflower.  It might get demoed and I thought I could give it a good home.

Ps. It did not like any of my vases and knocked over most of the water, still pretty maybe dry.

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