Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Workin It

So I have been working on larger pieces than normal.  I normally work small like 4x6 inches, some times 8x10 inches rarely over 16x20 inches.  I have been painting on abandoned credit cards, they are like 2x3.5 inches. So super small.  As a reuse artist I work on what is available.  I enjoy working small because I can work on multiples and move them around easily plus less paint.

Well, I have been working with Nashville the TV show and they have been taking my work and blowing it up.  Printing the small pieces 4x6 inches up to a 4x6 ft or larger.  Cool but not REuse, but makes the art more excess able for the public and I can work on getting my mission out, REuse.

So to the work.  I painted on a 4x6 ft printed canvas and a 20x35 inch plexiglass for demos for Nashville's set.  I do have large canvas that need to be reused so maybe some large canvases in the works.  Can't buy new paint thou, so better use it sparingly.  What colors do you think they have used at habitat for humanity?  More paint and a bit more mess too.

 This is after a few layers of paint, I will have to take a picture of what it looked like originally.  Originally it was a piece in my Smush Series and is paint on illustration board at 5x6.  This painting is a print of the original on slick canvas with lots of paint now!


Plexi!!!!  I like this one and had fun doing it. 

This is what the large one is turning into.  I did a little more on it after I took this picture.  I like the plexiglass one better so that means this one is not done.  Needs a punch.  I was bored with it before and the bird came out.  With a bloody mouth.  Sort of need more blood.

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