Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Geting ready for Outlines, an all day Block Party and Artisan Market at The Stone Fox here in Nashville. It is going on Saturday, August 3rd 2013, 11am to 4pm and you should come.  I am finishing up some new stuff that I hope to have for sell.  Lets see if I get done in time.

Here is a preview....

These are done on a nice medium weight cream paper that is printer cut off, the excess from a print job.  I then took left over dye and striped and doted away.  I really enjoyed how the dye bleeds and moves on different papers.  Then impromptu folding accordion style.  Cut outs are from old black and white paper, also printer excess.  The no book is complete with out Letraset words and title.
Not sure if it is done but getting close, The Dog & The Rat.

I added a tab to close these blue and red ones.  It is super cut with contrasting color.  The red striped one is hiding thou and has not gotten the added closure.

I really liked this one white but as you can see it got a spot of dye on it, opps.  So I am going to paint some on it.  It will change and evolve.  

This one needs one more panel done.  Clouds, home, corn and dog, chickens and okra, what will be next?  I also sewed the back mountain folds together to give more of a book feel.

Check out my new labels!

I thought they turned out nice. Old Letraset on recycled sticker paper makes pretty good labels, all reuse!!

Come to The Sone Fox Saturday to see more!

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