Thursday, September 12, 2013

Library Day

I have work at the Madison Branch Nashville Public Library for the month of September!  

I finished my tunnel book for the display.  It is a story of the face, brain and mind.  My first tunnel book taught in a Library class by Elizabeth Sanford.  The Library is so great.  Hope you visit yours often.

I have been making mini glue books.  I take strips of discarded paper fold them and glue the spine.  I color the glue on the spine, hot pink and grass green colors of choice right now.  I really enjoy them, super easy and fun.  Decorate cover as needed. 

Dye books; some with collage and sewing others with silhouette pop ups.

I thought these guys turned out super cute.  Two little mini books with a custom made reuse box.  Dyed and striped for your viewing pleasure, you can't see but there is mint green paper inside.

Visit the Madison Branch Library for more mini books and Art.

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