Monday, September 2, 2013

Workin It

So workin it you say.  Hehehe its a funny title and I do try and work it at times.  Right now I have been trying to flex my design and photoshop skills.  Which I admit are far and few.  But as they say practice makes better.   

I made this for an upcoming event....Nashville's first Maker Faire!!   Its a mini maker but a Maker nonetheless.  It is Saturday, September the 21st from 10am to 5pm at Adventure Science Center.
Which of course you can read in my handy little flyer or sorts.

I am going to be building The Trash Menagerie with your help (and all the trash in your pockets!)  The Trash Menagerie is a collection of make believe animals made entirely out of trash.  I will help guide you on construction of bits and piece found in your pockets and purses into whimsical creatures.  The twisting and folding of receipts, legs, arms, horns will appear.  Every animal will be unique and tell a story of our consumption and journey.  A small stage will be set and every animal will be documented in The Trash Menagerie.  

Hope you can make it.  Come One! Come All!

Here are some other examples of design things I have been working on.

Examples of my work, cards and books.  I need to get it out there more.  Looking at approaching shops and wholesale.  So sort of like product shots that can explain and entice.  Okay might need to work on enticing some more.  

But I will get better with time and practice.  I can already see areas to improve upon.   The wheels are turning and I am eating this mountain with a spoon!  (that's how you accomplish stuff, eating a mountain with a spoon)

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