Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to the grind

I like this grind.  I painted this morning after running errands.  My phone went swimming in a creek.  Fixed that by going to two different stores and then the phone just decided it was fine.  Thanks phone, sorry I dropped you.  

Painted went well.  None of these are from this morning, teehehe just thought I would share.  One thing I didn't get done was photographing today.  I worked on my Smush Series and am now adding letraset to books.  Letraset is awesome.  It is transfer lettering that you burnish into place.  I have a bunch of old fonts, all different sizes, even colors.  The cars in the first picture are letraset.  They were used before computers took over, ahhh.  Will share some more soon.  Learning to have fun and not stress the little stuff.  

Make some art!  Oh and reuse in the process.  No new material was harmed here.  Next couple of post will be about how to add reuse into your art practice. 

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