Friday, July 19, 2013


So as I work away most days on my art.  I am alone and being alone causes ones mind to wander around.  I think a lot about my art and what it is, what it means, how will people perceive it.

Found inspiration again looking at one of my borrowed books from the library called Artist Communities.

Read this today,  "More and more frequently in this culture it is demanded of creative people to succeed by one criterion: what sells and inevitable, what sells best.  But for most creative people the marketplace is at the end of the process.  If they land there, and are commercially successful, it is wonderful.  Their paintings sell, their music is played, their novels are published, and so on.  But that is the end process.....Any serious work begins as a small seed planted in a soil of lonely confidence."

Growing as an artist is very important to me.

I liked reading this as I prepare to present and find ways to make a living as an artist.

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