Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Library Day

Went to the library today.  Oh how great is the library?  Pretty great, they have books on everything and our downtown public library has puppets, lots of art books, marble stair case, some of my favorite people, and crazy good people watching.  Plus, got accosted by group of women on a scavenger hunt!  So you know all around fun.

Got some really great books on art, bookmaking and recycling.   My favorite subjects.  Read this great thought on art making I can't get out of my head.  Artist Dolph Smith talks about the 'act of nature' and how magical it is in art making.  When things just happen and you have no control can be very beautiful and inspiring.  He talked about how he loved Davy's Gray, how its can separate into the three pigments from which it was blended.

Been dying!  Boy do I love dye.  Have some left over fabric dye from a class (Jacquard Procion Mx to be exact) and love dying paper and pretty much anything in arms reach.  Such cool effects and well acts of nature as the color pools and bleeds across the page.

Check them out.  I ready adore these.  I did the purple layer today.  I work in layers and multiples.  Right now I might have 10 in this series I am working on but say 4 different series going at one time.  I shuffle about 40 to 50 pieces of paper and board around at a time.  Have a great drying rack but it will only hold so many.  So usually once my rack is full, break time.

The white and beige dots were made with this handy contraption.  I think it is packaging material.  I have two that have been laying around waiting to used in something, perfect print material.  

I can't wait till I run out of these colors and I start making natural dye.  I am dying to try!  Ha Ha dye jokes.  I am excited about natural sourced dyes.

Silly Technique of the Day- Swish up your paper if you don't like it, especially after you have applied paint or dye.  Don't get to excited when doing it or paper might tear.

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  1. We love the library and we love you. I have not been keeping up with this blog. What a lovely space.