Tuesday, July 23, 2013

on a Walk

Lets talk about my walk yesterday.  I try and take Esther on a walk most mornings.  We sometimes just train, sometimes go on great adventures and sometimes make it to the park.  We both enjoy this time.  We get to admire the neighborhood and (hehe) check out everyones trash.  I have scored nice things this way and am always trying to look at trash and waste in different lights.

I learned two things on this last walk.  One was a way to make art.  I am attracted to abandoned piles of plastic, wood and metal.  I want to embrace and twist and turn each one of them.  That would be crazy, okay.  I know that, I set rules.  No bringing home new material.  But is that holding me back.  Then I notice a pile that I had noticed before.  I decide to organize the pile, put like with like, stack it neatly.  I wonder if the neighbors will notice their now neat stack of trash.  I will bring the camera with me next time.  I think I will change it around if the pile is still there or I might move on to another and arrange it at whim.  I am sort of excited and ended up finding three great artist doing similar fun recycling photography.  I am so inspired.  Trash here I come.

I found all three of them on a blog I am following Design for Mankind and am very thankful for the information right there all nestled together.

First Artist I looked at was Alejandro Duran.  He has a series called Washed Up that addresses the issue of plastic pollution washing up on the shores of Sian Ka'an, Mexico's largest federally protected reserve.  Beautiful shots of color coordinated trash.

Second is Artist Meredith Allen who photographs clear plastic bags.  They are so honest looking and abstract, not at all like how we view trash bags.

Third Artist is Margo Weyer and her series is called streetcombing.  Simple clean and crisp.  She collects while running and is concerned with our consumption habits.

I love all three of the these Artist and the vision they are able to execute.  I am by no means a photography but am going to attempt to document my trash journey.

Second thing I learned is not that many people on my street recycle, not as many as there should be with a free recycling service.  I think I am going to help them by putting information about Curby on their trash cans.  The rouge recycling bandit who leaves information about how to recycle better in a handy spot, your trash!

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